Thursday Club

The Thursday Club
by Ruth Abrahams

The programmes are varied with hopefully something for everyone. If anyone has any new ideas i would be delighted to hear from them. The art classes which are held weekly seems to be going from strength to strength and are very popular with a regular attendance of dedicated members who produce some really lovely work. The exercise classes are held once a month and also attract a large crowd and gets everyone very active. The delicious lunches are catered Rabbi & Dinie Pink.

We have a different weekly menu which everyone thoroughly enjoys. We had a birthday party for Ida Cowen who turned 102, many friends and relatives joined her for this special occasion, which was marked by a special meat meal and a beautiful birthday cake. Reporters from local newspapers were on hand to record the occasion. A few weeks later we made a birthday party for the youngest member of the Club, a mere one hundred years younger than Ida. Avrohom Yitzchok Pink turned two and Dinie made a beautiful birthday cake in the shape of a Torah which was enjoyed by all.

We have planned a number of interesting events over the next few months and we look forward to seeing all our regular members and hopefully some new ones.